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actvity-pub server implementation

Version: 0.0.4-SNAPSHOT


rdf-pub is an activity-pub server implementation, that is not limited to the activity-stream vocabulary, but supports RDF per se.


Client to Server (C2S)

  • Authentication with OAuth2 (since 0.0.2)

  • Receive Activity

    • Create (since 0.0.2)

    • Update (since 0.0.2)

  • Internal delivery of activities (since 0.0.4)

  • Read Activity / Object (since 0.0.2)

  • Read Outbox (since 0.0.2)

  • Read Inbox (since 0.0.4)

  • Read Actor/Profile (since 0.0.2)

  • Query Actors Outbox with SPARQL (since 0.0.2)

How To’s

Starting rdf-pub with docker

A docker-compose.yml is provided which starts


  • There should be a running docker/docker-compose installation on your system.

  • Provided docker-compose was tested on a ubuntu system.

git clone https://gitlab.com/linkedopenactors/rdf-pub.git
cd rdf-pub/
git checkout tags/0.0.2 -b main
cd devEnv/guest/independent/
docker-compose up

Note: Replace the tag with the newest availabe Release


curl --location --request GET 'localhost:8081/camel/rdf-pub-admin' \
--header 'Accept: text/turtle'

Technical Reports

The technical reposting is provided via maven site plugin
There is a gitlab-ci job called maven-all that executes also the site generation.

E.g. the site generated for the job 1933518716 is located here:
The link is unfortunately very unattractive, we will see if we make it more beautiful in the future. but this has rather a lower priority

Maven module spanning Javadoc for the above job.



Fred Hauschel
Software Engineer


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